Monday, 3 July 2017

Remembering the remembrance

Lets say I somehow easy to remember what ppl used to do to me

Like how I remembered this one boy used to tell me some random dirty jokes or random personal story about himself,
And it was wayy during my form1 year,
But I still do remember it, 
All the silly nickname we used to call each other
As year past, during last years birthday,
I did told him if he still remember that,
But he didnt

It kinda hit me in the spot 
Because all these years I always tend to remember this little things that ppl used to say or did with or to me.
Well maybe not all ppl whom I know,
But quite enough for me to feel bad for remembering things that others don't remember at all.

Little that I know,
All these while I kept on remember things that happened between me and my acquaintance 
But I kind of always forget what actual happen between me and myself,
Like how many times did I always promise to forgive myself everytime things didnt go the way I planned 
How many times I try to change myself into a better me and failed,

Little that I know 
Deep down inside me 
I just had enough pleasuring ppl that doesnt remember me as much as I did about them
I had enough trying to make them like me or be the person whom I used to be

Ppl changed 
And ppl ages

And maybe its about time for me to take care of me first before letting myself disappoint by others